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300% increase in 2022?πŸ“ˆ

It’s not a theory anymore according to Brock Pierce crypto billionaire.

In an interview with Fox Business, he shared his thoughts on what could affect the Bitcoin exchange rate in the coming years.

Mostly, he sees external influences changing the value of Bitcoin, such as the large amount of currency printing currently taking place around the world.

Pierce says that Bitcoin’s volatility will potentially bring high returns to its investors and help drive up the prices of other digital assets.

β€žRemember that it is an alternative asset and it is not really hedged like gold or real estate, or rather because it has more risk and more volatility, but it also has a much more interesting return profile. Depending on the financial uncertainty in the broader global financial system, that will be the primary driver.”

Brock Pierce

Pierce thinks it is very likely that this year BTC could cross 6 digits and reach $200,000, more than 400% of its current value.

He says he would not be surprised to see Bitcoin above $100,000 next year. It might break through 200k for a moment, but it will probably fall back from there soon.

Do you think we can expect a doubling or tripling this year compared to the price at the beginning of the year?

You can watch the interview in the original language here:


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