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5 trends to keep track of in 2022🧐

In the next following years the main focus of the crypto world is going to be the development of infrastructure, protocols, NFT-s and to expand the world of metaverse according to the CEO of Grayscale Digital Asset Investment, Michael Sonnenshein. In addition the increasing regulation of the crypto system will play a huge role.

Nowadays world leaders and financial institutions can not ignore the development of crypto and Web3. Therefore the integration of crypto into the global economy is not a theory anymore, according to Sonnenshein.

Sonnenshein has listed 5 main key trends that ought to be followed from now on:

Development of crypto infrastructure:

Exchange markets, wallets and analyser softwares – the most important factors – require such service and equipment that ease the access and usage of data.

New day, new protocol:

The number of cryptoprotocolls are increasing exponentially, however, which survives in the long run or what are more easier to integrate with current systems is decided by the market.

Metaverse and Web3

The Web2 experience is based on the user being the product and the means to generate revenue. All the large, centralized corporations have to do is determine what kind of „experience” they will deliver in return.

However, Web3 and metaverse will present us such a future where one has complete control over its data and digital footprint in all sorts of areas in connection with social engagement such as:  trade, games, entertainment, news and social media.

Over the digital arts, NFTs

At the moment, all we see from NFTs is digital images changing hands for exorbitant sums of money. However, NFT use may become much more sophisticated over the years. We can expect to see gains in areas such as authenticity, provenance, proof of ownership, fashion, music, toys, real estate and even ticketing.

New regulations and policies

According to Grayscale, increased regulation is inevitable but also beneficial. Never before have they been so engaged and never have crypto currencies been in the main focus so much by policymakers in the past.

„While the path of the digital economy is relatively unknown, our reality is increasingly a fusion of the analogue and digital worlds.”

– Sonnenshein


The above does not constitute financial advice. Read the whitepaper, review the roadmap, open Blockchain Explorer and use your own judgement when investing.

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