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Crypto and NFT from the perspective of the biggest podcaster. 🎤

The World’s top podcaster has talked about his thoughts of cryptocurrencies and NFT on his own show, The Joe Rogan Experience.

Among Joe Rogan’s staggering statements, it is worth paying attention to him specifically on a professional basis when he talks about crypto.

In the episode 1760 Rogan discussed the future of crypto with Adam Curry. Rogan’s podcast has an estimated 11 million listeners per episode despite Spotify’s attempts to censor some of the more offensive episodes.

The Joe Rogan Experience took the top spot as most popular on Spotify in 2021.

During the conversation, Adam Curry brought up the topic by saying that he is on the Bitcoin train because he thinks his money is in a safer place, not compared to USD, but in general.

What brought up the topic was the corona virus and the impact of it on the financial situation.

The inflation, insecurity, wars, oil and the current banking system contributes, so if we continue doing what we do, the future isn’t bright.

The solution, or at least the solution for the financial system is Bitcoin according to Adam. Rogan responded to this statement by saying that he has a lot hope for crypto currency, but he don’t know too much about them, but Bitcoin and Ethereum seems to be the one that people who has the knowledge, talk about the most.
Joe thoughts about the current situation is that it’s either gonna fall apart completely or we gonna use this as an opportunity to live our lives better.

Adam told Joe that he has to say that the fundamental difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum is the 21 million total supply of Bitcoin that cannot be changed but it’s not true for Ethereum. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum has an infinite supply. Ethereum is one of the most frequently developed technologies, and since the introduction of EIP1559 it cannot be called an inflationary asset, because there are more ETH burned than new ETH put into circulation since September 2021.

They talked a little bit about NFTs that Adam is not into and not interested in, but Rogan has at least one.

They had a little fun about that who has an NFT doesn’t actually have anything. They compared it to baseball cards, but then Adam told that his friend and the entertainment companies are making amazing amount of money from NFT sales.

What do you think?
What role do you see for BTC and ETH in the coming 5 years?
If you buy an NFT, do you own something or not really?

The above does not constitute financial advice. Read the whitepaper, review the roadmap, open Blockchain Explorer and use your own judgement when investing.

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