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Upcoming projects

Our roadmap is available on the 11th page of our Whitepaper.

AID Webshop

We are in the process of building a webshop where we will produce and sell a lot of home handicrafts, green and sustainable products, which will be competitively priced compared to any other products currently used, such as detergents, because if they could be obtained for five times the price of production, it would not be self-identical and would not make environmentally conscious living more accessible to families who have been buying the cheapest products. Those who have no choice will always try to find the cheapest.
We are trying to reach out to this segment to make it available to them because, unfortunately, they are the majority who can only choose the cheaper products because they have no other option, even if it is worse for them and worse for the environment.

Initially, the webshop will be launched with 100-150 products, including home cleaning products, toothpaste, detergent, rinse aid, soap, hand sanitiser, spot cleaner, skin care, facial care.
These will be available in pre-packages, for example a monthly supply for a household of 2 people.
All products are chemical and preservative free and their packaging is ECO as much as possible to minimise their impact on the environment.
The products can be purchased individually or in pre-packages, but you can also customize your own package.
If you order the products on a monthly subscription basis, you will of course get a discounted price, and if you pay for them with AID token, you will get an additional discount.

Voting system

The biggest disadvantage of today’s non-profits is that they are not transparent so people lose confidence in them. There is no accurate accounting of where the money donated to them is spent.
We offer a solution to this with blockchain, and while non-profits don’t give donors a say, we give anyone who invests in AID the opportunity to have a say in which area we AID next through an open voting system, which in itself is revolutionizing the way modern non-profits should operate.

Voting power will be determined by the amount of AID tokens, but with a delicate eye to making sure that big investors don’t tilt the vote to the detriment of small ones, as those who buy only a few AID tokens are a big help too.
We’re focusing on creating a system so that those who have invested relatively less but have hit a certain level can have a say in it with a certain weight.
You will be able to vote on ideas that come up on our social platforms.

We want to make it so that everyone has a say in decisions, almost like a share, but each AID holder has a vote.

Tracking system

With a smart contract, the programmer has a free hand to code what he wants into it. In our case, we included extra functions to limit our wallets in terms of time and quantity.

If we limit a wallet, only a certain amount of held by these wallets can be moved within the limited time. Transfer, spend, sell, whatever.
The token itself set the limits on the wallets we own when we put it on the blockchain, so the time limit ticks from there.

In our case, the Foundation wallet time limit is 326 days, and the counter started spinning at 12:37:03 on 12/01/2022.

This is good, for an investor, because we can’t touch it earlier than this date, so it assures the market stability and investors that the founders and team members behind the project are not exiting their own project, so it’s not a scam.

The limitWallet() function can be called again after unlocking, so founders will immediately limit again to further build confidence.

There will also be a feature on the website to track the limits of these wallets, so that anyone who comes to the website can track which wallets are locked for how long and what the limits are.

AID token as an ESG

New Live Aid, the first ever ESG crypto investment that puts sustainability at the heart of growth.
Current trends show that such investments are the best-selling ones, so the project follows megatrends to the max.

Environmental: All our startup projects are green
Social: We are building community and shaping attitudes towards sustainability
Governance: We give voting power to all AID owners.

The above does not constitute financial advice. Read the whitepaper, review the roadmap, open Blockchain Explorer and use your own judgement when investing.

See you later,


New Live Aid


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